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What is Auduble Therapies?
Basic definitions: The word "audible" from Latin audire, or to hear and when used as an adjective means: capable of being heard or perceptible to the ear. The word "therapy" comes from the Greek therapeia meaning "a service, an attendance" and is related to the Greek verb therapeuo meaning "I wait upon." Audible Therapies (AT) seeks to provide a service heard by all.

AT offers both therapeutic storytelling for small groups and therapeutic music in one-on-one settings. The storytelling presents monthly, themed programs, featuring live music, parables, metaphors and inspired narratives from real people. Each program has a special message with reinforcing music choices chosen and orchestrated especially for residents of long term care facilities. These colorful stories and songs from yesterday and today provide fun, inspiration, nuance, memories and entertainment presented in a comfortable group setting.

NEW!!! In 2014, James began his interactive group program "Every Picture Tells a Story" (EPTAS) which caters to all cognition levels of residents. James begins by involving people with his musical offerings and then the interactive storytelling begins! Developed specifically for people with all levels of dementia, EPTAS proves residents in memory loss facilities can create, imagine and have fun. Through an interactive "show and tell" approach of images he's created, James guides participants to share and create a spontaneous story or title by reacting, considering and volunteering what they see in the images provided.

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