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James D> Rosenberger
James D. Rosenberger is an internationally known professional director, media creator, writer, photographer, actor and musician. Working in the Cincinnati market since 1979 his stage credits include leading roles at Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park, the Canadian Theatre Ensemble's P.E.A.K./Savage God appearance at the Fifth International Festival of the Open Theatre and other productions in Canada, USA and Europe including a featured appearance in TV's Unsolved Mysteries in 1996.

He received a MFA in Theatre & Media from the prestigious York University, Toronto, Canada. While there he was a featured vocalist for John Cage on his CBC Radio production 'Lecture on the Weather' in 1975 and went on to appear in the film One Two Three STOP! for the National Film Board of Canada.

As the founding artist and first Director of SPACES in Cleveland, Ohio, he is credited for doing CRACKERS! the first video theatre project there in 1978 and was invited back in 2018 to help co-curate the 40th Anniversary exhibit. Excerpts of his 1980 video of Glenn Branca performing Dissonance will be used in the 2018 re-release of the feature film on Punk music Kill Your Idols supporting Glenn's last interview before his death in May, 2018. Video stills from his A Fugu Feast originally premiered at the 20th anniversary exhibit of SPACES, in 1998 and stills from it were used for the French TV originated program Philosophie airing in both France and Germany from 2009-2012. Awards include: The Videography Award at the 1982 Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh for Dissonance; his ascertainment study and live Cable TV series Anticipating 1984 was sponsored by The Institute of Fine Arts and were chronicled in the seminal book Cultivating The Wasteland by Kirsten Beck, 1983; The Muse Award from the National Museum Association, 1993 for his There's No Place Like Home TV PSA and billboard campaign for The Taft Museum; two OAC Individual Fellowships for Multidisciplinary work, 1978 & 1983;. and finally, The Bobs Sing! (and Other Love Songs)premiered as a WCET-48 PBS TV special on Valentine's Day 2001. The DVD version has sold over 3,500 thousand copies internationally and won the Interactive-Entertainment Award, from INTERCOM 2002, Chicago, Illinois. For a detailed look, video and VO samples of Mr. Rosenberger's talent and artwork please visit www.meetjames.com.
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