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James D. Rosenberger

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Music with a Message

The sense of hearing is the first sense to develop in the womb and the last to leave us when we die. Each month, AT balances familiar songs woven together with stories. Inspired by pertinent monthly holidays or family events and anchored by a supportive theme, the songs gain listeners' attention and the stories do the rest. Since all material is deliberately positioned to appeal to members of the "WWII" generation, powerful reminiscences and associations are brought forth from the unconscious to the conscious. All the while, presented in an entertainming manner, a supportive atmosphere is heightened. It is this conscious use of music being received and appreciated by listeners that causes the phonological loop to be stimulated. These songs reinforce the message of the various stories and further the right brain's reception of the therapeutic messages which helps listeners better connect to their authentic selves.

In 2002, Penny McDaniel and James decided to form a musical group featuring tight harmony and perform songs from a range of genres. Fast forward to today and their approach offers popular choices of traditional and contemporary songs, performed as a duo called "PB&J". What began as a compliment to James' storytelling program now performs for nursing homes, community centers and adult day care facilities throughout the greater SW Ohio and Kentucky area to rave reviews! They continue to perfom in conventional concert and performance settings as well, delighting ages 8-80. Listen to a sample 5:30 demo here of the duo: "PB&J Demo". Check out what's NEW! & IMPROVED in 2018--"Beauty & The Beat" featuring Pam Temple and James performing for senior communities and in clubs throughout the Tri-State. Listen to their demo here: "Beauty & The Beat Demo". Thanks for listening!

Beginning in 2012, James Rosenberger, became a trained, Clinical Musician certified to provide therapeutic music to patients in hospitals, hospice or home care settings. Therapeutic music is an art based on the science of sound. It is live acoustic music, played or sung, specifically tailored to the patient's immediate need, which brings music's intrinsic healing value to the bedside of the ailing. Please visit the therapeutic music section here:"How is therapeutic music different?".
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